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Stylized red drawing of person with arms raisedI posted these last week but they bear posting again. Go to FB and Like the page, or go to Twitter and Follow. Or both. It’s a quicker, easier way to keep up with new posts!

Facebook Page (under the name Zoe Mars)

Twitter account (ForTheRecord2)


Facebook and Twitter At Last

“For the Record” now has a Facebook account. It’s a personal profile (search for “Zoe Mars“), not a Page, due to a functioning problem on FB.

Now there’s a Twitter account also. You can now keep up with blog posts on either FB or Twitter.

Welcome, Social Media, Commenting Guidelines

Welcome to For the Record, a blog about sexual assault, violence, and personal safety. Here you can find links to immediate help as well as lots of information. Topics include rape, domestic violence, stalking, sexual harassment, street harassment, and more.

The newest category, added in January 2012, is Internet safety. Whether you’re a woman, a man, or a child, you’ll find help here.

TRIGGER WARNING at various places throughout this blog. Survivors may find triggers throughout the blog or in the comments due to the subject matter of the blog. Read/don’t read accordingly.

You can follow this blog on Facebook (search for Zoe Mars) and on Twitter (account name ForTheRecord2).

Commenting guidelines:

  • Be nice.
  • Be constructive.
  • Comments that derail, dismiss other commenters/concerns, or blame survivors will not get through moderation. Trolls and obnoxious debaters will be screened out after a warning.
  • It’s not always possible to avoid triggers in our comments section because of the subject matter. If you mention an obvious trigger in your comment, please provide a trigger warning.

Sometimes you’ll see Wikipedia in citations on this blog. I use Wikipedia only for quick, general definitions to give you the social understanding of a term or issue. I don’t use it as primary source material.