What I Wish They’d Invent

This is one for you to respond to! I’ll start us off with a couple of ideas. This is all pure imagination. (I believe I’ve mentioned my idealistic bent.)

  • You know those radar guns police officers have to check your speed when you’re driving? I wish they’d invent one of those that women could carry to point at men and figure out which ones are dangerous. You know what would happen if women had those? They’d be as nice and trusting as men could ever want (to the good men, that is). If there were a special alarm for a man who just specifically targeted you for rape, well, I’d pay a lot extra for that feature. These devices would be good for men too.
  • A Violence Policy, liability insurance that men who kidnap/rape/beat/harass women have to buy before attacking anyone. Then women could drive up the premiums by taking self-defense classes en masse. Again, this could apply to men.
  • Self-defense classes for girls in every middle school and high school, as part of the curriculum.
  • Classes (or at least a semester’s worth of study) on boundaries and respect between the sexes, taught to both boys and girls in middle school and high school.
  • Teachers, parents, and society setting an example of respectful, non-sexist behavior by men toward women.
  • An organization specifically for open dialog between men and women. No insulting, derailing, blaming, etc. allowed. There’d have to be certain rigid conversational rules in place for this to work, and I imagine it should be by invitation only to prevent the organization from attracting haters of both sexes, who would ruin it for everyone. We all have questions and ideas. This would be a safe space to (respectfully) converse, debate, and exchange ideas.

Are you laughing your head off? Yeah, me too. So let’s hear your ideas. Brainstorm. Toss ’em out. The stakes are low here.


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