Updating and Adding Pictures!

Blog lettering surrounded by nuts, bolts, and toolsYes, I am still doing that 31-posts-in-31-days blog challenge. I decided to add pics to all my posts and update them all. Since there are something around 40+ posts on this blog so far, it takes time.

The social bookmarking links on the oldest posts are gone. Remember those lines of tiny logos at the bottom of each post? Remember all the ones that broke over time? I used to have to add each bookmark manually, to every post! Now you click on a post and proper bookmarking automatically appears, according to my specifications, at the foot of each individual post.

This isn’t a brand-new WordPress feature, but it’s one of several I’ve discovered since largely falling off the blogging wagon in 2010-11.

Then there’s the updating. I started this blog over on Blogspot (now Blogger) in, what was it, 2006? I’ve gone back and updated a number of posts to reflect new information.

Yes, that means I’m going back and reading through every single post, removing bookmarks, updating, and adding pics. Now you know why I haven’t posted yesterday and today.

Enjoy the updated look and easier social bookmarking!


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