New for January 2012

I’ve joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge and will be posting every day in the month of January. This means you’ll see shorter posts way more frequently. Follow me here or on Twitter to be notified of new posts.

This also means I’ll post a lot of resources I’ve gathered over the past year or so, but that I haven’t had time to write up yet. A challenge like this pushes me to prioritize getting the information to you, rather than creating a flawless, lengthy post. You probably like shorter posts better anyway — I do too.

There’ll be several more quick posts in this series on “What To Do If You Suspect Your Significant Other/Family Member is Sexually Abusing a Child,” then we’ll move on to new resources.

If I could say any one thing to you as a child sexual abuse survivor, it would be this: You are never alone. At any given time there are thousands, or millions (depending on your country’s size) of people who would help you if they knew you were in trouble.

So please find someone you trust. Tell someone today, will you? A parent, a teacher or school counselor, a police officer, a teen hotline or rape crisis hotline… I promise you that there is someone, at least one person, around you who will listen and help you. And this will end. I know that right now it feels as though it’s going to last forever and that no one will save you. But someone will. Please talk to someone good today.


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