Did We Reach Our 2008 Blog Goals? New Goals for 2009

My Blog Plans for 2008 post listed four specific posts I planned to write and two new subject areas for the blog.  A review of the year’s posts shows that all four posts were fulfilled and that we did get into one of the two new areas (children’s safety).

So let’s set new goals for 2009.

  • I’ll continue to research and post about children’s safety. Specifically:
  • Blog posts on choosing safe child care providers, teaching your child what to do if s/he gets lost, info on appropriate and positive children’s self-defense training, and more.
  • Expansion into the specific area of domestic violence. Resources, patterns of male and female relational violence, how to see it before you get into the relationship, what to do the first time it happens, and more.
  • Better methods for getting the information in this blog to victims of sexual violence and others who may need it. This will include contacting other websites and government and social agencies.
  • Better publicity overall: I also want to reach out to the large number of people who will never consult an agency of any kind. The only way I know to begin to reach that group is to widen publicity efforts.

The priority in this list will be the blog posts first, then the publicity. I believe the best solutions lie in making sure I do both in 2009.

What subjects would you like to see addressed in 2009? Any specific post topics you want to read? Questions you have about a blog-related subject? Comment here anytime. Thanks for your support in 2008.