Stalking–New Subject, New Resources

Stalking graphic: Real Fear, Real CrimeI’m adding stalking and sexual harassment resources to the sexual assault resources already on this blog. Here are great websites for victims of stalking and violent crime:

  • To start, visit the National Center for Victims of Crime. Then navigate to the Stalking Resource Center page. There you’ll find statistics on stalking, statistics from college campuses, a fact sheet and more. From this home page, you can also look up resources and publications about stalking and access resources in Spanish.
  • January 2008 is National Stalking Awareness Month.
  • Another great info source on many types of violence against women is the Violence Against Women site. It covers everything from bullying and dating violence to stalking and human trafficking.
  • The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has an impressive list of information and resources in both English and Spanish for victims of many types of violence.
  • VictimLaw was launched to be a user-friendly and fairly comprehensive database of information on crime victim-related law.

This will get you started. With these resources you can take a quiz to find out whether you’re in a violent or high-risk relationship (and if you’re wondering, you probably are), find out your rights, read about applicable law, and get help in getting out and getting safe from a stalking situation or within a relationship.


Sexual assault stats from the National Center for Victims of Crime

Graphic with sexual assault statsVisit the sexual assault statistics page on the National Center for Victims of Crime website.

Also visit their Resources page for helpful links and contact information to assist sexual assault victims.

This site contains a solid information set of statistics and resources for many other types of crime as well as sexual assault (including statistics and resources for teens).

If you’re being victimized in any of several ways, this site will help you find assistance. There are many people out there who want to help you if you call.

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